RFC - Raw Kernel Headers

Matt Darcy lfs-list at projecthugo.co.uk
Wed Mar 8 05:53:18 PST 2006

Jim Gifford wrote:
> A lot of you may have noticed the LLH kernel headers have not been 
> updated as promised. With that in mind, I decided to do some tests over 
> the past few days building LFS and CLFS with raw kernel headers. 
> Unfortunately the raw kernel headers are not enough, but with minor 
> modifications, they do work perfectly. I have tested 6 builds on 3 
> different platforms, x86, Sparc, and MIPS. With no issues at all. I 
> created a small bash script that will create the headers. This script is 
> available at http://ftp.jg555.com/headers/headers.
> What I ask from the more advanced members of LFS and CLFS is to give 
> them a try, comment on them. Would they be useful to use as a temporary 
> alternative. a viable alternative, hard to maintain, or is it a waste of 
> time?
> My testing has only been on the LFS and CLFS builds, if someone is 
> interested in doing builds beyond these books and sharing their results 
> with the community and myself, I personally would appreciate it.
> I'm only posting this because my results have been positive, and I think 
> the community has a right to see what I've come up with in 18 hours that 
> I've worked on this.

I can confirm that against 2.6.15 headers, I've got sucessful builds on 
straight LFS32 and cross-lfs 32/64 x86 and Sparc 64.

The headers where sanitisied using Jim's script.

I should point out there reading up glibc2.4 there is potential for 
non-x86 archs loosing compatability due to glibc's additional archs 
maybe marked as "additional" and not mainstream, but thats a side issue.


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