Latest update RE: 64bit box

John Gay johngay at
Mon Mar 13 11:05:06 PST 2006

Well, I got nvidia's driver to play nicely, and decided to work on sound. Most 
of alsa installed fine, including jack, with the exception of alsa-tools 
ac3dec, which failed to detect the platform. It's only setup to recognise 
i?86-*, alpha*-*, sparc-*, ppc-* and ia64-*. Of course x86_64 doesn't match 
and trying to force either i?86 or ia64 fails to build.

I was only looking for ac3 capacity. 

I also need to dig a little deeper into setting up alsa correctly so things 
like Quake/Doom/mplayer/ et-al play nicely on the new box. ATM I can use 
aplay to play simple sound files, but aplaymidi fails to find a midi-type 
device under /dev/snd. Another thing to dig into.

When I get a bit more adventurous, I'll be trying my hand at KDE-3.5.1, which 
just came on a Linux Format DVD for playing with.

I suppose I could try some OpenGL stuff, like freeglut, since OpenGL is very 
important to me. I also need to get to POV-Ray and get Houdini installed for 
my CG work. After all, with this new blindingly fast box, hot-babe keeps all 
her clothes on without them (-;


	John Gay

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