Starting over, once again )-:

John Gay johngay at
Sun Mar 19 04:21:12 PST 2006

Well, I got ready to patch to build KDE, and removed /tools 
and /cross-tools to make room. Now, when I boot, udev fails 
because /sbin/modprobe can't be found. It's there, but ldd says 'File not 
found'. Yea, I know, I'm thinking somehow I screwed up and linked it 
to /tools by accident.

But now I see that CLFS has upgraded to the newer kernel and udev that I had 
so much fun trying to get installed the first time, so I guess now's as good 
a time as any to start over, again.

One thing I notice, when following the x86_64 pure64 build, at the setting up 
the environment, in the 'if you are going to boot' section, you don't set +h 
to disable bash's hashing function, even though we've got /tools/bin at the 
end of our path?

As I understand it, that should be set so that bash will use the tools in /bin 
and /sbin as soon as they are installed? Did I miss something? This was asked 
in February but I don't see a reply to the list.


	John Gay

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