double declaration of ___lll_lock_wait

German Podesta germanpodesta at
Mon Mar 20 11:47:27 PST 2006

>  If you are using a uclibc host, I think you can expect a *lot* of 
>difficulty - using uclibc to build glibc is uncharted territory.  You never 
>mentioned what architecture(s) you are building on (and for), but if your 
>machine is i686-compatible, an LFS Live CD might be an easier base.  I 
>don't recognise the error message, if google doesn't have anything useful 
>to say, I think you are on your own in this.

I looked for in Google appears the same error and this marking like 
repeated.  I am running on surroundings i386-uclibc.  I am going to ask in 
the list of uclibc, or if I am not going to download a toolchain of the page 
and to prove with that

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