ppc32 Making the LFS system bootable

Dragos Ionita dragosi at web.de
Mon Mar 20 18:32:42 PST 2006

I just finished building a CLFS install for ppc32, and I've found
that running ybin alone in chapter 12 would not be successful.

If I run ybin, it would complain about two things:

1) the HFS partition that was selected, had not been initialised
2) it couldn't find /dev/nvram

I got around those two problems by:

1) running mkofboot
2) running ybin from outside the chroot environment where
    /dev/nvram was available.

I guess for 2) you could create an additional node /dev/nvram
further back in the CLFS book when building the initial /dev nodes.

Did I miss something or did anyone else encounter these problems
as well?

-- Dragos
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