chroot method: archs combos allowed

Ken Moffat ken at
Sat Mar 25 08:35:36 PST 2006

On Sat, 25 Mar 2006, wrote:

> My concern is that we could to test if the 32-bits libraries are presents, but
> in a pure-64 system, how could we test if the 32-bit emulation is supported
> by the kernel?
  That I don't know.  In practical terms, you might want to stick with 
looking for the 32-bit libraries (or Joe's -m32, although it will only 
succeed on multilib)

>>   For ppc, 'G5' macs (970 processors) need a 64-bit kernel anyway, so you
>> have to go beyond the book to build the headers, C cross-compiler and
>> binutils (only).  Therefore, they can equally chroot while trying to
>> build ppc64 multilib.
> I'm lost when spooking about that archs. I will need "answers for dumbs" to
> know what triplets combos are allowed and what not :-?
  I suspect ppc64 is not for the dumb, which is why I have so much 
trouble with it :-(  When mine runs 32-bit userspace, I use linux32 to 
invoke gdm (or init, I think) so that userspace is convinced it's really 
on just ppc - think of linux32 as another sort of uname hack, which 
alters the kernel personality.  Certainly, in recent 2.6 it cannot boot 
with a 32-bit kernel, but that has not always been true.  It's easy 
enough for me to -know- I need a 64-bit kernel, but pretty hard to 
codify.  Something like

cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep PPC970 >/dev/null && echo "chroot is supported"

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