A little trick

Henry christenson exvor0 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 26 10:12:32 PST 2006

Here is the problem I had.

I had redhat installed on /dev/hda2 and LFS on /dev/hda6

Fedora was my host system.

Well i really want LFS on /dev/hda2 and not on a extended parttion.

Here is what I did and seams to work perfectly with no issues (That i
can detect)
preface. Format new parttion same file system as the old one. (not
sure if this is nessisary )

1. Boot from a slackware cd (my case a slamd64 cd)
2. run command
cat /dev/hda6 > /dev/hda2

3. mount /dev/hda2  somewhere
4. modify fstab to make root new parttion
5. mount /dev/hda6 somewhere
6. change lilo to include the new one and dont remove the old one
7. reboot into the old parttion.
8. run lilo
9. reboot into the new.

Much as I anticipated this not to work it worked fine.

NOTE: This is experimental at best and possibly could destory your
Shiny new lfs system if you try this proceede with caution and have a
backup.  Also it should be noted that my whole system other then the
/home is on the same parttion. Also the new and the exsisting
parttions were the same size and the same file system. And the same
computer. <-- Had to add this < I do however have instructions on
moving a LFS system to another x86 based pc without having to
recompile everything. >

Let me know if problems occur or if you know of a problem with moving
a system this way.

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