problem to enter to chroot method

John Gay johngay at
Mon Mar 27 06:04:03 PST 2006

On Monday 27 March 2006 18:27, Nicolas wrote:
> Hi,
First, it would help to know what platform you are building on and the target 
you are building to. At least which part of the CLFS book you're following.

> when i tape the following command :
> chroot "$LFS" /tools/bin/env -i HOME=/root .................
> i have this error message : chroot: cannot run command '/tools/bin/env':
> No such file or directory
As I found out, to my embarrassment, this usually indicates the linker can't 
find the libs needed to run the program, as mentioned in the LFS FAQ's.

> and i have env program in /tools/bin
> in lfs user or root user, if i tape /tools/bin/ls (example), i have
> bash: /tools/bin/ls:cannot execute binary file
And this indicates that your current system can't execute the cross-compiled 
binary /tools/bin/ls

This would indicate that the platform you are building on is not capable of 
running in a chroot environment. One reason for that would be building 64-bit 
code on an AMD64 platform currently running 32-bit mode, such as my system. 
I've an Opteron system currently running 32-bit LFS, but to build a 64-bit 
version, I need to use the boot method, since 32-bit LFS cannot execute 
64-bit code. I think you may be in a similar situation, but don't realise you 
need to follow the boot method rather than the chroot method.

But without more info about your system and which branch of hte book you're 
following, this is only a WAG (-;

> thanks for your help!



	John Gay

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