Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Mon Mar 27 16:06:56 PST 2006

Hey guys. A small thought occurred to me as I was perusing the book. We 
have an entire section in the book devoted to making sure that CFLAGS 
and CXXFLAGS are unset during the build. What's more, that page doesn't 
offer much of an explanation.

To me, either one of two things should happen:

1. Fill out that page explaining all the reasons why we're unsetting 
those variables.

2. Drop the page entirely and just add the commands to unset those 
variables in the initial creation of ~/.bashrc in section 4.5

My vote is for number 2. Mostly because it gets rid of a small extra 
page and two extra command lines. If we want to add a small note to the 
page in 4.5 about why we don't want CFLAGS or CXXFLAGS set, all the better.



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