problem to enter chroot method

Ken Moffat ken at
Tue Mar 28 13:36:37 PST 2006

On Tue, 28 Mar 2006, Nicolas wrote:

> hi,
> i try to follow the boot method (chroot method don't work), but i have the
> same problem, when i must run lilo:
> /tools/bin/lilo-static -v     i have -bash: /tools/bin/lilo-static: cannot
> execute binary file
> I have an AMD64 and i try to install the pure64 bits build for x86_64 book
> what's wrong ???
> thanks

 Hmm, -how- did you build it ?  In the note in section 7.12 it says you 
have to be running pure64 or multilib, so what is your host ?  From 
here, it looks as if you are still running on an i686 host (apart from 
anything else, you could just chroot).  The static build only stops it 
from depending on /tools/lib/

 The point is, if you haven't booted a 64-bit kernel on the target 
machine, you can't install lilo using the book's instructions.  If you 
are using a 32-bit kernel, you'll have to build lilo (or grub) 
natively as i686 and use that to allow you to boot a 64-bit kernel.

 Bootloaders are always ugly, and for x86_64-64 you cannot execute lilo 
(the installer) unless your running kernel is 64-bit.  You can build 
lilo on pretty much anything (I've built it on ppc), but there is no 
way of running a 64-bit lilo installer from a 32-bit i686 kernel.

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