r1323 - / trunk/udev

Richard A Downing FBCS CITP richard at langside.org.uk
Wed Mar 29 00:41:56 PST 2006

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
>> I think Richard was making a play on words. Jim meant Re-added and
>> Richard saw Read-ded. At least, I think that's what Richard meant.
> Or maybe he was just pointing out that 'Readded' isn't a word. ;)
> 'Restored' would have been better.
> -- 
> JH

You got it.  But it wasn't a joke.  I really really didn't understand
it.  I sat and puzzled over it for quite a few minutes before sending
the mail.  'Re-Added' I would have understood, but 'readded' I couldn't
decipher at all.  Sorry for the noise, but I do read, and attempt to
understand, all the commits about udev in both the Cross and Old books.


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