Section 2: Partitioning

Henry christenson exvor0 at
Wed Mar 29 14:20:49 PST 2006

Yeah huh that kinda wouldent make sense unless you were doing what i
was doing like makeing a 64bit system from a 64bit system. However you
dont explain on how to move stuff from one computer to the other

Maybe a line in that part like. (do this only if your on the same
system your compileing for )

I wouldent however see a novice reader trying out CLFS to begin with
tho.  Also BLFS has some unforseen issues with a CLFS system to let
you know.

On 3/29/06, Jeremy Huntwork <jhuntwork at> wrote:
> Hey Guys,
> It occurred to me that Section 2 'Partitioning' for Cross-LFS  may be misplaced or at
> the least, misleading. The section basically directs the user creates a
> partition for his system, but if we're cross-compiling on another
> machine first and going the boot route, those instructions aren't really
> correct or necessary.
> Any thoughts or suggestions on what we *should* be saying in Section 2?
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> JH
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