Missing devices for installing the bootloader.

Ken Moffat ken at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Mar 31 08:34:32 PST 2006

 Back on 21st March, Dragos Ionita reported a missing /dev/nvram in 

 I now think this is a side effect of udevstart being discontinued.  I 
believe that on other platforms using chroot we will get errors for a 
missing /dev/hdX or /dev/sdX.  Presumably, people who boot the temporary 
system will already have adequate device files ?

 It seems to me that we have at least the following options -

(i) somewhere in chapter 12, tell people who chrooted to bind /dev from 
the host.

(ii) in chapter 12, people who chrooted can run a script like that 
Alexander has suggested for LFS, which creates nodes for devices in 


 - for the second option, ppc will then need to create /dev/nvram in the 
yaboot page of chapter 12, possibly some other arches may also need 
other devices, I wouldn't know.

 Disagreements, comments, preferences, other options ?

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