SVN Mirroring Test

Jim Gifford lfs at
Mon May 1 10:39:57 PDT 2006

On Tuesday Cross-LFS will be testing our new SVN Mirroring plan. So all 
access to SVN will be closed during our testing. We will send out an 
email prior to the test and sync up both our Repos. Once the message is 
sent out about testing, no more commits will be accepted until the repo 
is back in operation.

The goals of this Test will be 2 fold.

    1 - To synchronize the revision #'s to all our repos.
    2 - To provide an easy way for mirror our repo for our mirrors
    3 - To have multiple backups of the repo in case of a failure.

We are basing our SVN Mirroring plan off of, it has 
been tested  on a small scale with success. Now we are going to try it 
on our larger repo to see if the results are the worth making the change.

Jim Gifford

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