r1619 - in trunk/BOOK: . introduction/common prologue/common

Justin R. Knierim lfs at lfs-matrix.net
Tue May 16 13:23:47 PDT 2006

Justin R. Knierim wrote:
> Just FYI, but this value is used in some external scripts, the ones I 
> know of are rendering the book on belg and on hops.  Basically things 
> will render but old versions dirs won't be deleted.  I will fix these 
> issues on belg and hops, but not sure if there are other issues.

Actually the LFS rule covered CLFS as well, so just removed the old rule.

rendering_pattern=('SVN-[0-9]*' '7.0-multiarch-[0-9]*' 'CLFS-SVN-[0-9]*')

is now

rendering_pattern=('SVN-[0-9]*' '7.0-multiarch-[0-9]*')

in render-lfs-book.sh

I'll fix up my render script on hops now.


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