How to know when to build 32bit libs?

Jim Gifford lfs at
Fri Oct 13 08:01:03 PDT 2006

John Gay wrote:
> After quite a bit of playing, thinking and reading the pure-64 version, I 
> decided to have a look at the multi-lib version and one question pops to 
> mind.
> Several packages build 32bit libs first, then install the 64bit version, but 
> not all of them? So, how will I know when I need to do this when I continue 
> on with BLFS?
> My personal preference would be to install the 64bit libs in /lib and 32bit 
> stuff in /lib32, but too many packages are configured the 'wrong' way ATM. I 
> guess when 32bit gets old, they'll learn better (-;
> Cheers,
> 	John Gay
Anything that has libraries get's built for each supported ABI.

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