Boot loader for non Apple build

Shane D. Johnson SDJ at
Mon Sep 18 12:20:22 PDT 2006

Hello everyone,
    I have a quick question please.  I am building CLFS for a old RS600 
just to see if I can.  I have built LFS successfully on x86 a couple of 
times now.  I am trying to get through the PPC portion of the book but 
it is all written for Macs and I need to know if I need to build Yaboot, 
pmac-utils, hfs-utils, and so on.  Can I use Grub as the boot loader?  I 
know that the majority of systems using PPC are macs, but with the 
consoles using PPC chips and those who want to build CLFS for them, 
should Mac have it's own book or chapters since it has the partition issues?

Thank you,
Shane D. Johnson 
IT Administrator
Rasmussen Equipment Company
sdj at

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