Announcing CLFS 1.0.0 - The "Bender" release

Jeremy Utley jerutley at
Mon Sep 25 21:10:22 PDT 2006

The CLFS Development team is pleased to announce the final release of
CLFS-1.0.0, code-name "Bender".  This release features Glibc 2.4, GCC
4.1.1, Binutils 2.17, and supports the x86, x86-64, sparc, powerpc,
ppc64, mips, mips64, and alpha, including multilib on those arch's
that support it.  Cross-building is also supported, even from
non-Linux host systems such as Solaris, *BSD, and OS X.

You may view the book online at:

and downloadable versions are available for most arch's at:

This release is tagged in SVN at the following location, if you wish
to render it yourself:

Jeremy Utley
CLFS 1.x release manager
jeremy at

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