gcc in section 5.8.1 does not compile without the omitted mpfr and gmp

Chris Staub chris at beaker67.com
Mon Nov 16 00:33:35 PST 2009

On 11/14/2009 01:10 PM, Lapohos Tibor wrote:
> Hello All,
> Unlike in LSF-6.4 or 6.5, section 5.8.1 omits mpfr and gmp. If I proceed
> so, gcc-4.4.0 does not compile, it's asking for them.
> Since the website has been down, I do not have and hence I did not apply
> the 4.2.4 "cross_search" patch, which could or could have not been the
> right thing to do anyway. Is this the culprit? I did apply the "branch"
> patch though. Does this include the functionalities of the formerly
> mentioned as well?
> Once I added the above two packages, the compilation took place very
> nicely, so I wonder whether this is a bug in the book or the
> configuration files, or I am doing something completelly wrong by trying
> to use 4.4.0?
> Thank you All in advance,
> Tibor

I notice you didn't specify the version of CLFS you're using, but going 
by the mention of "4.2.4" I assume that means you are using CLFS 1.1.0. 
If so, there is no omission in the book - the GCC version (4.2.4) in 
CLFS 1.1.0 does *not* require GMP or MPFR. If you want to use CLFS 
1.1.0, you must use the versions specified in the book, otherwise it is 
not likely to work (as you have just found out). Alternatively, use the 
CLFS dev version, which does have more recent GCC and Binutils versions.

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