gcc in section 5.8.1 does not compile without the omitted mpfr and gmp

Lapohos Tibor tibor.lapohos at rogers.com
Tue Nov 17 11:44:01 PST 2009

Thank you, Chris.
To be clear, what I tried to do is to proceed in the CLFS 1.1.0 way, but "upgrade it" and use gcc 4.4.0 instead. 
Since then, I did proceed with gcc 4.2.4 as requested by the book, and it did work. This clears the book, I guess.
Then I started from scratch, and used gcc 4.4.0 (from the dev tree), and I got to the same conlusion as before: it does need the mpfr and gmp packages, otherwise it does not even configure. quite a drastic change.
All the best,

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