building x86_64 using lsflivecd-86_64

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Wed Nov 18 07:27:20 PST 2009

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 Sorry for the late reply, I thought I
> would get individual messages back to my inbox. Now I know they come
> back bundled up in Digests (can I change this in any way?)

It shouldn't be that way.  You are not signed up in digest mode.  If you are using google groups, you may want to check your settings there.
Thanks, Bruce. I do not use any google groups. But I do use Yahoo! groups. Nevertheless, I do not see any related settings there.
It's interesting, that this message of yours I got back directly in my mailbox, but others that I just received in the "lfs-support Digest, Vol 1849, Issue 1" , namely the one sent by "Mike McCarty" Mike.McCarty at, I did not... Thanks for that, Mike. Those are very good lines of documentation, and I'd like to suggest to the (C)LSF community to find a section for such description in the book(s) as well.
Also, my requests to clfs-support get banned, and subjected to the moderator's approval on grounds of "suspicious header". Any ideas how I could avoid this? I did try to comply with the posting rules/requirements, but I must be missing something...
All the best,

  -- Bruce
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