[elinks-dev] Re: Descriptions

DervishD raul at pleyades.net
Thu Oct 23 14:57:05 PDT 2003

    Hi Petr :)

 * Petr Baudis <pasky at ucw.cz> dixit:
> > writing, but not embed newlines on descriptions... Just my 0.02 euro ;)
> sure, the discussion is not about whether the option descriptions should
> be wrapped internally, but whether to make the wrapping width in the
> config file configurable or not (if it has any merit).

    Oh, yes, the config.indentation thing? Don't know, but I don't
find that quite useful... Fixing it at 80 columns is, IMHO, a sane
default, and letting it be configurable doesn't seem to worth the
effort :???

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