[elinks-dev] New HID support for ELinks

Yannick PLASSIARD yan at mistigri.org
Fri Mar 24 05:39:52 PST 2006

Hi there,
	I'm new to this list, and I'm posting a message to know where should my ideas take place...
	The Elinks web browser is, as far as I know, the most complete browser, and my goal is to make it better accessible for blind users , which use some specific hardware (Braille Displays, and Speech Synthetizers). We (blind users), use a software called BRLTTY (http://www.mielke.cc/brltty/), to navigate through the Linux console and this software exports an API called BrlAPI, which allows another application to write messages to the Braille display, and get Braille displays' key presses.
So, I would like to write a new "driver" for ELinks, which would no longher use the screen/keyboard pair, but the BrlAPI interface to get IO operations. This would be an additionnal driver which would run at the same time as the screen/keybeard interface (indeed, a dual-viewing). 
Does anyone know where my code should take placeinto the ELinks architecture, and can you also give me some issues about how to acces the Document Object-Model, after it is created bythe HTML parser (or other if it is FTP / SMB / ... protocol). 
And last, do dialogboxes functions are dependent of the driver, or are they global and send to the backend just a "draw me a line", "Place at 0,0, the text 'hello'" ... ?
Thank you in advance for your answers.


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