[elinks-dev] upcoming Debian ELinks 0.11.3-1; release 0.11.4?

Kalle Olavi Niemitalo kon at iki.fi
Sun Jan 6 08:14:03 PST 2008

adds to debian/changelog:

+  * Acknowledge bugs fixed via NMU
+    + Escape ' while saving keybinding for ' (Closes: #315550)
+    + LUA 5 compatible example in hooks.lua works now (Closes: #255871)

Those were both fixed in or before 0.11.1-1, so I don't think
NMUs had anything to do with them.

+    + Patch 01_asciidoc-escape-FTBFS.diff: Escape characters for asciidoc
+      conversion (prevents FTBFS in make all-docs)
+    + Patch 01_asciidoc-escape-FTBFS.diff: Point bugs URL to debian.org and
+      remove FSSTND dir in setup.h etc.

The second one should be 02_setup-bugs-FSSTND.diff.

+    + Patch 05_257762-transparency-off.diff: Turn terminal transparency off
+      by default.  Thanks Kalle Olavi Niemitalo <kon at iki.fi> for the fix
+      (Closes: #257762)

Petr Baudis made the change, I only reported it to the Debian bug.

+    + Patch 06_elinks.conf-parse-error.diff: create elinks-lite.conf, set
+      config.saving_style=3 and comment options that are not valid.

I think it would be better to ship an empty /etc/elinks.conf and
make any Debian-specific changes to the source code instead.
That way, when we change the defaults in later versions, you
wouldn't have to change /etc/elinks.conf, and users who have
edited /etc/elinks.conf wouldn't have to merge the changes.
In commit 2c576cd1d65a75e07d78445d96a85b464f919228, I already
removed contrib/elinks.conf from 0.12.GIT for this reason.

ELinks 0.11.3 had a regression that has been fixed in 0.11.3.GIT.
From NEWS:

* fix query parsing in file: URIs for local CGI (was broken in 0.11.3)

This was fixed in commit e96665134ae9b5106fe0d5c30d445212d970e91b.
If you're already picking patches from GIT, it might make sense
to apply that commit too.

Although really, there are so many fixes in 0.11.3.GIT that we
should just release 0.11.4.
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