[elinks-dev] upcoming Debian ELinks 0.11.3-1; release 0.11.4?

Kalle Olavi Niemitalo kon at iki.fi
Mon Jan 14 14:36:25 PST 2008

Jonas Fonseca <fonseca at diku.dk> writes:

> Do you or anybody else have any comments on outstanding issues
> for this release?

There are several bugs that have been fixed in 0.12 or 0.13 and
should perhaps be backported:

723 cri - After choosing a link from right frame ELinks crashes.
756 cri - "assertion (cached)->object.refcount >= 0 failed" ...
722 maj - Elinks ignores CSS media type
956 maj - Dangling pointers to SMJS objects can be dereferenced
744 nor - ELinks changes "//" to "/" in path component of URI
766 nor - Rendering some pages may take too loooong time
816 nor - doubly converts entities in input/@value
869 nor - long mailcap entry buffer overflow (non-security) when downloading
54  min - cfmakeraw() can break some exotic terminals
284 min - links uncorrectly handles <sub> inside <pre></pre>
867 enh - Use bracketed paste mode on xterm

However, the important ones look rather involved and I'm not
certain I could correctly backport them on the first attempt,
so it would be better to release 0.11.4 first and worry about
those bugs after the release when there is time to test the
fixes properly.

> Also, any stuff needed by debian? (I didn't check if
> you also moved the debian/ directory in 0.11.GIT)

For Debian, there is mainly:

988 min - Please remove debian directory and build generated files

I've moved debian/ to contrib/debian/ in 0.11, 0.12, and 0.13,
so that part should be okay now.
You can remove the generated files by hand I guess,
but fixing the bug ought to include updating mkdist.

Then there are also bugs 991-993 which Witek reported;
someone should test whether any of those are working in 0.11.3
but failing in 0.11.3.GIT.
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