[elinks-dev] unrecognized options in elinks.conf (was: Serious bug in the FSP code)

Jonas Fonseca fonseca at diku.dk
Sun Jan 20 01:45:48 PST 2008

Kalle Olavi Niemitalo <kon at iki.fi> wrote Sat, Jan 19, 2008:
> Moving to elinks-dev.
> Jonas Fonseca <fonseca at diku.dk> writes:
> > Sounds reasonable, however, I don't particularly like that you simply
> > drop an option, since it will lead to warning messages.
> Are those warning messages useful, or could we just remove them?
> They also occur when I test ELinks builds configured with
> different features.
> The warnings might be helpful to someone who modifies elinks.conf
> with a text editor and isn't sure about the spelling, but I don't
> know why that person wouldn't use the option manager.  Anyway, we
> could have an elinks --check-config that shows the warnings and
> then exits and leaves them on the screen.

Yeah, they are probably not generally useful besides for users and
developers who should be knowing what they do. But it also feels a bit
wrong to simply drop the warnings. With the option you propose, maybe
the a single shorter warning message is acceptable:

	Warnings found while parsing /.../elinks.conf.
	Use the --check-config option to show all warnings.

Perhaps shorter than that.

Jonas Fonseca

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