[elinks-users] [ANNOUNCE] elinks-0.5pre2 (Skyrider)

Petr Baudis pasky at ucw.cz
Wed Jul 16 14:31:05 PDT 2003


  first of all, sorry for screwing up the subject the last time ;-). We are
really in the -pre state, far from any signs of the -rc state. Second of all,
I'm sorry for delaying the announce, I'm not around a lot and quite busy the
last few days so all things depending on me get delayed gradually. Now I'm
writing this from a PuTTY on some Win98 machine through an ISDN line from the
middle of nowhere ;-). So, I'm not sure if I'll manage to also get the tarball
out of my magic sack today as well, if not, meet cvs.elinks.or.cz ;p (tag
REL_0_5pre2) (I will be back at home on Sunday, I hope, so... also there're
chances I *could* readat least my mail daily again from now on, although I
don't think you'll see me on IRC).

  And translators please do make update-po before translating, I forgot again.
And send patches against the latest CVS if possible, or at least against the
make update-po'd source. In other words, I don't want stuff done by update-po
in the patch, it's near to impossible to apply. Sorry again, I'll try to
remember to do that stinking thing the next time.

  This relase brings another shitload of internal changes, from some URI
introduction through wide scheduling changes (both by Jonas, the current
mastermind of HEAD ;-) and splitting up the viewer (hard work by me and hard
compilation fixes by Zas and Jonas [that's the way to go! ;]]) to wide
assert()ization (mainly Zas and pieces by me, but everyone is involved, I
guess). Overally, this means that if you did a patch against pre1 and everyone
was too lazy to apply it or you was unlucky enough not to notice it was already
rolled out, you've a reason to be pissed off, it has not a lot of chances to
apply without any conflicts >:).

  Bah, I didn't even have time (also due to some raising WIP-concurrency on my
side) to get some short announcement changelog together, so Jonas was kind
enough to write something. Oh and note that the release is really old compared
to the latest CVS already at the time of this announcement so if you plan to do
any development on ELinks, I'd advise you to rather work on HEAD (or the
nightly tarballs, if you don't like messing up w/ CVS). I'll see in what state
is the trunk on Sunday (if I'll get home) and try to quickly ride it to another

  Have fun and please wait w/ the xeli patch for me ;-).

  This is not stable. It should crash to you, if it will, though, please tell
us so that we can go and frown at the code so long that it will start to fear
and reorder itself into a stabilized chunk. However, there is a lot of various
minor problems and weird things and strange behaviours and so on. A lot of them
is in Bugzilla (http://bugzilla.elinks.or.cz/), but some didn't arrive there
yet --- if you will encounter any new one, please file a bug.

  Translators! Translators! Translators!

  Please go and poke at the language files. Try to update them. Translation
updates are encouraged and patches welcomed, as well as new translations. Since
the amount of messages needing to be translated is huge, you do not need to do
it all at once, I will accept gradual patches updating just smaller portions of
the translations as well. And if you will work on it hard enough, you will
receive CVS write access ;-).

  So the changes, Jonas style! (Okay, the ending transformation was mine. :)

ELinks development is steadily moving forward focused on code
reorganization and cleanup. This release has nothing to do with that
fact that the there has been 1k commits since we hooked up on CIA.  It
is merely a release to get some of the recentl improved debug checks out
and taken for a spin.

Most noteworthy changes:

* The new MIME subsystem was integrated. It had lived in the tree during
  last month of 0.5pre1. Besides cleanups and optimizations it also has
  support for mime.types files + some other pleasant small updates.

* Option added to configure whether to show hidden files.

* Support for file://localhost/ based on patch by Hugo Haas.

* Show HTTP error messages.

  (it's nice, try it! ELinks w/ compression support +
   http://pasky.ji.cz/cvsweb.cgi/some.nonsense ;] --pasky)

Coding side:

* Populate with assert[m]() calls making --enable-debug even less
  tolerant to errors and --fast-mem even faster.

* More uses of zas' fastfind.

* Lua was moved to scripting/ dir making way for kusers work on
  backending browser scripting and the possibility for supporting more

  (pasky needs to spend some time with that kuser's bug to feed it to
   CVS, yeah --pasky)

* A lot of cleanups and optimizations.

  (and splitting of some stuff --pasky)

Also a few language updates:

* Bulgarian by dinux.

* Danish by jonas.

* French by zas.

* 1337 language file added .. just for fun! ;)

(and he promised to call it 'hx' pseudo-ISO, nasssty llliar! ;]] --pasky)

* 571ll 4 l07 0f l4ngu4g35 7h47 n33d 4n upd473. 4 R34DM3 f1l3 h45 b33n
  4dd3d 70 7h3 p0/ d1r3c70ry 70 h3lp y0u g37 574r73d.

  Pl3453 533 Ch4ng3L0g f0r full l157 0f ch4ng35 4nd cr3d175 (70g37h3r w17h

  7h3 3L1nk5 1753lf m4y b3 n0w f0und 47 h77p://3l1nk5.0r.cz/.

P5: 4g41n, y0u'r3 w3lc0m3d 70 j01n #3l1nk5 47 1rc.fr33n0d3.n37, 1f y0u w4n7 70
533 3L1nk5 d3v3l0p3r5 4l1v3! :)

PP5: 1f y0u d0n'7 kn0w y37, w3'v3 4 bugz1ll4 47 h77p://bugz1ll4.3l1nk5.0r.cz/.

  H4ppy 5umm3r h4ck1ng,

				Petr "Pasky" Baudis
He who re-invents the wheel, understands much better how a wheel works.
Crap: http://pasky.ji.cz/
				F33R J0N4S! w00t!
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