[elinks-users] Prevent elinks from creating ~/.elinks in -dump mode?

Hrvoje Niksic hniksic at iskon.hr
Fri Jul 25 03:58:09 PDT 2003

When run for the first time, elinks will try to create a configuration 
directory ~/.elinks.  In some cases, this is very undesirable.  For 
example, I am trying to utilize elinks from a script that accepts HTML 
input and uses `elinks -dump' to autogenerate the plain text counterpart 
of the received HTML.  The script is run from a CGI, and elinks 
complains that it cannot determine the user's home directory.

The CGI's are run as a "www" or "apache" user, and the HOME variable is 
not set, nor should it be.  Even if I set the HOME variable to a bogus 
value, elinks complains about not being able to write there and aborts. 
  I tried various flags from the documentation, such as `-anonymous 1', 
but to no avail.  Have I missed something?

If this cannot be controlled, I would really like `elinks -dump' to 
default to not creating files in the user's home directory.  It should 
simply do the dumping with all the default settings (which I like just 
fine) and quit.  Of course, I have no problems with elinks creating 
config files in interactive mode.

Any help is appreciated.

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