[elinks-users] [ANNOUNCE] elinks-0.5pre10 (Skyrider)

Petr Baudis pasky at ucw.cz
Sat Nov 15 11:19:05 PST 2003


  here goes 0.5pre10. It is 0.5pre9 + few almost meaningless changes
(internal cleanups) + an updated ChangeLog ;-). A lot of fixes went in,
as well as yet another field day, this time for the BFU code. Of course,
a lot of cool cleanups were going on in the other parts of code as well.
We now have special plaintext renderer, cache handling was touched a
little, as well as the other HTML renderer stuff etc.

  I hope this release will be better than the previous ones regarding
stability, but you never know. The main bugfixing eras are yet to come,
some stuff is still being cleaned up (the big cleanups will soon end,
though). A lot of new features are scheduled yet, though, so stay tuned.
Cookies manager may hit the shelves as well as local CGIs support, marks
support and some other sweet stuff. Ideally, ELinks should be The Killer
Text Browsers at the time of 0.5.0 - the only drawbacks to the other
text browsers should be lack of proper Unicode support and perhaps some
SSL deficiences. Otherwise, it should be da best, lynx and w3m having
zero chance to compete against it ;-).

  Also, please note that this is a partially-blind release, I didn't
manage to review all the patches which went to CVS yet - I hope I will
catch soon, though. Have fun.

  I will be writing another mail shortly (probably rather brief)
regarding the short-term roadmap.

  Users, please expect this to be unstable as hell and crash now and
then --- but please report any bugs you will encounter, shall we fix
them (http://bugzilla.elinks.or.cz/). Distribution packagers, please
wait yet (unless you are about to push to some experimental-like train -
this is really not yet ready for the wide public). Translators, please
translate and get CVS access. Patchsubmitters, I know about you and your
pending patches, but maybe I don't, resubmit if you don't know.

  So, the main changes in elinks-0.5pre10 are:

  * Random crash/other fixes ;-)
  * Fixed cygwin compilation
  * Fixed broken compilation w/ --disable-nls
  * Fixed obscure cases of link underlining
  * Fixed various problems with cache handling and shrinking
  * Fixed some frames loading problems
  * Fixed handling of symlinks which we can't read
  * Fixed refresh handling in some corner cases
  * Fixed sending of referer at bad occassions
  * Fixed in-frame documents not being added to the global history
  * Fixed <hX> elements' alignment not being set properly
  * Fixed Help::Keys not showing current keybindings
  * Fixed some URLs being rewritten strangely

  * ELusive dream is gone until 0.6pre
  * libtool nightmare is gone until DSO (or ideally forever, it's
  * Massive BFU cleanup and simplification of dialogs creation
  * Introduction of plaintext renderer
  * Support for GNU Screen clipboard
  * Support for X509 client certificates (with OpenSSL)
  * Linkify URIs in plaintext documents (by default off, experimental)
  * Compilation option to disable running of ELinks as root (off by

  * Form history can now selectively not-remember password for a site
  * You can now bookmark stuff in global history dialog
  * The document info shows more information about the link target, if
it can be retrieved from the globhist
  * Configurable tab separator colors
  * Handled id attributes for table cells
  * Ask for confirmation when closing a tab (off by default), about quit
when closing the last tab
  * When saving stuff or displaying help, color values are shown in
English instead of hex RGB, if possible
  * : char is considered shell-safe now

  * French translation updates
  * Polish translation updates
  * Czech translation updates
  * Italian translation updates
  * Hungarian translation updates

  Please see ChangeLog for full list of changes and credits (together with

  The ELinks itself may be now found at http://elinks.or.cz/.

  BTW, I've generated some nice small commits table, so if you wonder about
who's doing most of the stuff now...

-- ELinks commit statistics from 0.5pre8 (exclusive):
Total commits: 602
jonas   Jonas Fonseca                   253 commits  42.0%
zas     Laurent Monin                   177 commits  29.4%
pasky   Petr Baudis                     118 commits  19.6%
miciah  Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters    27 commits   4.4%
fabio   Fabio Bonelli                    11 commits   1.8%
witekfl Witold Filipczyk                 10 commits   1.6%
kuser   Karsten Schölzel                  4 commits   0.6%
vinnui  Varga Balázs                      2 commits   0.3%

PS: Again, you're welcomed to join #elinks at irc.freenode.net, if you want to
see ELinks developers alive! :)

PPS: If you don't know yet, we've a bugzilla at http://bugzilla.elinks.or.cz/.

  Happy misty autumn hacking,

				Petr "Pasky" Baudis
He who re-invents the wheel, understands much better how a wheel works.
Crap: http://pasky.ji.cz/

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