[elinks-users] [ANNOUNCE] ELinks-0.4.3

Petr Baudis pasky at ucw.cz
Thu Nov 27 04:12:26 PST 2003


  this is problably the last ELinks Iceberg release ever, if no grave
bugs will be discovered (that is, security or crashes). It is just
plenty of bugfixes, everyone is strongly encouraged to upgrade. I'm
sorry it took so long, as it comes just before 0.5.0 (which will be out
at Christmas). I hope we will do better for Skyrider.

  Please report any crashes you could encounter. This release should be
crashes-free, there is no known way how to bring it to knees. Even the
FreeBSD weird crashing bug was fixed finally (see ChangeLog for full
attributions ;-).

  The main changes in ELinks-0.4.3 (from 0.4.3rc2) are:

* Fixed problems with segfaulting on some systems when loading
* Fixed segfault on <frameset rows="200,*"> on FreeBSD systems

* Fixed problems when attempting to proxy FTP through HTTP
* Fixed ./configure-related issues with SSL configuration

* Fixed minor problem with handling of link texts
* We now differentiate between REL/REV <link>s
* Minor manpage fixes
* Redraw after enter/enter-reload with prefix

* ui.startup_goto_dialog is now by default enabled
* Add documents in frames to global history

* Danish translation update
* Czech translation update

  The main changes in elinks-0.4.3rc2 (from 0.4.3rc1) are:

* Fixed directory separator recognition in cygwin
* Fixed over-pedantic Ctrl- keybindings parser

* Fixed some potential (hopefully low-danger) memleaks

* Added -force-html option for more compatibility with lynx
* application/xhtml+xml 'support'
* Support for file://localhost/

  The main changes in elinks-0.4.3rc1 (from 0.4.2) are:

* Fixed crashes in textarea editor code
* Fixed various downloads resuming related bugs (time progress
* indicator, files
  trunacting, bogus overwrite dialog appearance and tilde expansion etc)
* Fixed decompression support (mainly but not exclusively on *BSDs)
* Fixed deletion of marked items from listboxes (ie. bookmarks)
* Fixed moving of bookmarks to lower level folder
* Fixed random failures of mailcap lookups
* Fixed some XBEL crashes
* Fixed crashes upon -no-home usage
* Fixed crashes upon -dump-charset utf8 usage

* Portability fixes (OS/2, Cygwin, weird compilers, ...)
* Some obscure URLs passing to external handlers bugs fixed
* In anonymous mode, don't show 'Add link to bookmarks' menu item
* Support '~' URL properly (in Lua expanding)
* Guess home directory of Lua correctly
* Now Lua correctly parses 'gg:foo bar' "URLs"
* Size textareas correctly --- previously, it could overlap y-height of
* the
* Parse numeric IPv6 URLs properly, last digit was stripped before
* Try to better honour installation directory of a package passed to
* --with-xyz
  configure parameter
* Fixed links wraparounding

* Default keybindings can now be unbound by setting their action to
* "none"
* connect.retries=0 means infinite now
* protocol.http.bugs.accept_charset optionally prohibits sending of the
  Accept-Charset HTTP header
* Relative HTTP redirects support even while downloading
* IRC has now default external handlers
* Titles in link tags are now honoured (and displayed)
* wrap=hard support for textarea

* Slovak translation update

  Please see ChangeLog for full list of changes and credits (together with

  The ELinks itself may be now found at http://elinks.or.cz/.

PS: Again, you're welcomed to join #elinks at irc.freenode.net, if you want to
see ELinks developers alive! :)

PPS: We have Bugzilla at http://bugzilla.elinks.or.cz/, you know ;).

  Happy new year hacking,

				Petr "Pasky" Baudis
He who re-invents the wheel, understands much better how a wheel works.
Crap: http://pasky.ji.cz/
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