[elinks-users] mime types/mailcap problem in 0.5pre6

Jonas Fonseca fonseca at diku.dk
Mon Oct 6 15:58:10 PDT 2003

Jean-Yves Levesque <jyves at nortelnetworks.com> wrote Mon, Oct 06, 2003:
> I am trying to view a jpeg image from elinks using 0.5pre6.
> It always tells me the type is unknown (image/jpeg) even though the
> type is set correctly. This works fine with 0.4.x. The latest CVS
> snapshot (Oct. 06) is also showing the same behaviour. Is there
> something missing ? I have not seen anything on the archive.

You mention you have used 0.4.x before. It could maybe be a problem with
the renaming of the mailcap options. Could you maybe grep for your
mailcap options in ~/.elinks/elinks.conf and feed them back .. also
maybe try to test it with a new elinks.conf file[0] and see if the
behaviour is still there?

I did some changes recently so that the mailcap files are only loaded
when necesary. Iwouldn.t say it is very well tested but it works for me
so I doubt this can be the cause.

[0] You can use the recently added -confdir parameter:
    -confdir <str>        Set config dir to given string.

Jonas Fonseca

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