[elinks-users] mime types/mailcap problem in 0.5pre6

Jonas Fonseca fonseca at diku.dk
Sat Oct 11 10:28:43 PDT 2003

Jean-Yves Levesque <jyves at nortelnetworks.com> wrote Mon, Oct 06, 2003:
> On Tue, Oct 07, 2003 at 12:58:10AM +0200, Jonas Fonseca wrote:
> > Jean-Yves Levesque <jyves at nortelnetworks.com> wrote Mon, Oct 06,
> > 2003:
> > > I am trying to view a jpeg image from elinks using 0.5pre6.  It
> > > always tells me the type is unknown (image/jpeg) even though the
> > > type is set correctly. This works fine with 0.4.x. The latest CVS
> > > snapshot (Oct. 06) is also showing the same behaviour. Is there
> > > something missing ? I have not seen anything on the archive.
> > 
> > You mention you have used 0.4.x before. It could maybe be a problem
> > with the renaming of the mailcap options. Could you maybe grep for
> > your mailcap options in ~/.elinks/elinks.conf and feed them back ..
> > also maybe try to test it with a new elinks.conf file[0] and see if
> > the behaviour is still there?
> 	I did removed my .elinks directory just to be sure. No change.
> 	I did try to disable and enable it but did not see any change.
> 	Still works with the 0.4 branch.

Strange .. It works for me ..

You didn't configure using --disable-mailcap ?

My settings:

[19:13:18]fonseca at galar:~ > grep image ~/.mailcap
image/*;                xv %s ; test=test -n "$DISPLAY";

[19:13:56]fonseca at galar:~ > grep -E "set .*mailcap" .elinks/elinks.conf
    set mime.mailcap.enable = 1
    set mime.mailcap.path = ""
    set mime.mailcap.ask = 1
    set mime.mailcap.description = 0
    set mime.mailcap.prioritize = 1

What are your settings?

> > I did some changes recently so that the mailcap files are only
> > loaded when necesary. Iwouldn.t say it is very well tested but it
> > works for me so I doubt this can be the cause.
> 	Maybe but how do we know the mailcap is loaded?

There's currently no way to know that. You could insert a debug
statement in the code. Open src/mime/backend/mailcap.c and find the
function named parse_mailcap_file() starting around line 270. Find the
line with

	if (!file) return;

and after it add

	debug("Loading file %s", filename);

> > [0] You can use the recently added -confdir parameter:
> >     -confdir <str>        Set config dir to given string.
> 	Do not see it in pre6, neither in Oct 06 build.

Hmm ok sorry ... but it should be in pre7 ;)

> 	On another note, the pre6 source does not contain the
> 	palette.inc file. Had to copy it from the oct 06 build.

Yes that has been fixed in CVS but only daily generated tarballs should
be ok.

Jonas Fonseca

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