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zas at norz.org zas at norz.org
Sun Oct 12 07:49:32 PDT 2003

On Sun, Oct 12, 2003 at 02:17:28PM +0200, Lars Bjørndal wrote:
> Since I upgraded my elinks from cvs last monday, I can not access
> local files e.g. "elinks local-file.html". I get two beeps, and the
> following message:
> ----------------------------------------
> ELinks crashed. That shouldn't happen. Please report this incident to
> developers. Preferrably please include information about what probably
> triggered this and the listout below. Note that it does NOT supercede the gdb
> output, which is way more useful for developers. If you would like to help to
> debug the problem you just uncovered, please keep the core you just got and
> send the developers output of 'bt' command entered inside of gdb (which you run
> as gdb elinks core). Thanks a lot for your cooperation!
> ELinks 0.5pre6.CVS
> Features: Standard, SSL (OpenSSL), IPv6, Bookmarks, Cookies, Global History, gzip, bzip2, Forms memory
> elinks(dump_backtrace+0x14)[0x80b58bc]
> elinks[0x8086cbf]
> elinks[0x8086e6c]
> /lib/i686/libc.so.6[0x42028558]
> elinks(get_opt_+0x11)[0x80a1669]
> elinks[0x808c928]
> elinks[0x808cb65]
> elinks(get_content_type_backends+0x3a)[0x808b6de]
> elinks(get_content_type+0x93)[0x808b487]
> elinks(ses_chktype+0x17)[0x807e60f]
> elinks[0x8080e2c]
> elinks(end_load+0x4d)[0x80813bd]
> elinks[0x807ae9d]
> elinks[0x807aebe]
> elinks(abort_connection+0x1a)[0x807b5aa]
> elinks[0x809001e]
> elinks[0x807b4bb]
> elinks(check_queue+0x174)[0x807b864]
> elinks(do_check_bottom_halves+0x2b)[0x8084bb7]
> elinks(select_loop+0x2df)[0x808533f]
> ----------------------------------------
> I've just fetched the newest cvs-files, and recompiled. The problem is
> still there. Has anyone else noticed this bug?

I can't reproduce it.
Does it occur with _any_ local file ?

Please provide a gdb backtrace:

shell> cd elinks
shell> ./configure && make
shell> ulimit -c 50000
shell> ./src/elinks -no-connect local-file.html
shell> gdb ./src/elinks core
gdb> bt

Show us gdb output.
Thanks ;)


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