[elinks-users] [ANNOUNCE] ELinks-0.9.2rc4

Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters miciah at myrealbox.com
Sun Aug 1 06:57:51 PDT 2004

Around 2300 UTC, pasky tagged 0.9.2rc4. Neither he nor Jonas Fonseca
had time to write the announcement, so I'll go ahead and surprise them.

We (actually, just pasky and Jonas) have backported more bug-fixes
from HEAD, and would appreciate reminders of anything that remains
to be backported. Naturally, new bug reports are happily welcomed
with friendly smiles, open arms, and earnest eagerness for more work.

Note: We already know that bug 358[1], concerning the handling
of certain characters (e.g., '~', '#', and '?') in local path-names,
remains to be backported. Sorry that we didn't get to that for this RC.

These are the changes since 0.9.2rc3:

 * Recognise hexadecimal RGB colour values that lack the '#' prefix
   (this fixes the display of Slashdot, which has such malformed HTML)
 * Fix the Info button in the Options manager not to use the generic
   'Press space to expand this folder.' message for folders,
   but to instead display information on the particular option folder;
   this bug was introduced 2004-01-04, thereby appearing in 0.9.1rc1,
   released 2004-01-08
 * Fix document.browse.forms.auto_submit, which apparently
   had been broken since its introduction on 2002-03-14 (thereby
   first appearing in 0.4pre3, released 2002-03-21); the option controls
   whether ELinks will automatically submit the form
   when the user presses enter in a text-input form-field
 * Update elinks.conf.5 (but, whoops, we forgot to update elinkskeys.5!)
 * Eliminate a potential buffer overflow in read_select, introduced
   2002-11-18 (thereby appearing in 0.4pre19, released 2002-11-29)
   and reported 2004-07-28 by Jan Braun on elinks-users; Jan Braun
   experienced the bug when an HTTP server sent a 1261-line header,
   but the bug may be more general than that, potentially occurring
   with other HTTP traffic and with other protocols
 * Fix a segfault when one creates an option mime.type.application.x-foo
   with a valid handler and tries to load a file with the extension foo
   for which no content type is supplied by the server
   or by a mime.extension.foo option; the bug appeared 2003-12-31,
   thereby first appearing in 0.9.1rc1, released 2004-01-08
 * Decode HTTP data only when the extension of the file in the URI
   does not match the Content-Type supplied by the server (e.g.,
   do not decode a document with Content-Encoding: gzip if its file name
   has the extension .gz); this heuristic was introduced 2003-12-15,
   but it was broken 2003-12-23 (thereby working in 0.5rc1, released
   2003-12-22, but breaking in 0.5rc4, released 2003-12-24),
   on account of different bits of code disagreeing
   on whether the extension includes the '.'
 * Fix a segfault when pressing a key bound to
   move-link-{up,down,left,right} on a page with no links.

See the ChangeLog file for a detailed list of changes:

In other news, as Miernik announced on elinks-users a few days ago
Miernik now produces pre-compiled .debs for Debian SID (unstable) of CVS
HEAD snapshots. Just add the following line to /etc/apt/sources.list:

   deb http://www.miernik.ctnet.pl/debian sid main

There are also builds for Cygwin of older ELinks releases,
available from Frédéric L. W. Meunier's Web site:

N.B.: These are not official builds and the ELinks developers
do not vouch for their functionality, reliability, security, and so on.

Sorry, but I am not aware of any pre-compiled packages
for this or any other recent release.

As always, the ELinks Web site is at http://elinks.or.cz/.

The roadmap for the 1.0 release, towards which we make
less-than-astonishing progress,
is at http://pasky.or.cz/~pasky/dev/elinks/roadmap-1.0

You are welcome to join #elinks on irc.freenode.net, which
all of the developers regular.

As for the mailing lists, find subscription information
and archive links at http://elinks.or.cz/community.html.

Please report bugs in this release or HEAD on the mailing lists,
on IRC, or on Bugzilla: http://bugzilla.elinks.or.cz/.

Enjoy the release!

 -- Miciah <miciah at myrealbox.com>

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