[elinks-users] Enhancement request - mouse scrolling

Glen Harris astfgl at iamnota.org
Sat Mar 13 17:52:00 PST 2004

The default movement for mouse wheel scrolling is one-line-
per-notch, which is unpleasant for reading.

Can the elinks.conf please have the option of setting the
scroll to be either scroll-[up/down] or page-[up/down].

Using the left mouse button to invert the current config would
be nice if it's possible - ie, if the configured behaviour is
page-up/down, when the left button is held and the mouse wheel
scrolled, the page moves at line-up/down speed.

Using the CTRL modifier for left and right scrolling would
emulate the scrolling behaviour of other scrolling window apps,
ie The Gimp. The right mouse button could also be used for this.

My target is for keyboardless use on a webpad with pen, scroll
wheel and three buttons for input.

Cheers, glen.

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