[elinks-users] mailto setup help needed

Stephen Stocker lpar at par1.net
Tue Mar 16 18:22:53 PST 2004


>>   Now, my problem. I can't figure out how to set up its "mailto" link
>>   support. Looking at the options menu, it looks like it should be
>>   working with Mutt, but all I get when I try a mailto link is a brief
>>   flash on the screen. For some reason it's apparently not spawning
>>   Mutt.
>>   I'm using the latest CVS release in console, with Slackware, Mutt
>>   version 1.2.5i and ncurses 5.0. I haven't done anything except check
>>   the options, which appear to be right, although there's nothing to
>>   indicate a mail option in ~/.elinks/elinks.conf. Any help would be
>>   greatly appreciated!
>Try to add to your elinks.conf:
>set protocol.user.mailto.unix = "mutt %h -s \"%s\""
>use options manager -> Protocols -> mailto -> unix

  Thanks. I think I've got a strange Mutt build, something about adding
  the "-s \"%s\"" was goofing it up. It's also not parsing all email
  links right, but mailx and its clones work perfectly. 

  As long as something's working, I can't complain! :) Thanks for the

  	Take care,


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