[elinks-users] Cookie problem with latest CVS

Stephen Stocker lpar at par1.net
Mon Mar 22 15:58:38 PST 2004

>Stephen Stocker <lpar at par1.net> wrote Mon, Mar 22, 2004:
>>   Hi,
>>   With this morning's (March 22) CVS release, Yahoo is telling me my
>>   browser is not accepting cookies. I'm not sure what's going on,
>>   because the cookies are in my .elinks directory. In fact, I deleted
>>   all Yahoo cookies and tried it again. I then had new cookies from
>>   Yahoo, but it still told me that my browser wasn't accepting them.
>>   I hope this helps, I know it's kind of confusing! :)
>I am sorry for the inconvenience. All the changes in the last 48 hours
>have been reverted. Thanks for coming forward. It convinced me they were
>all bogus.

  No inconvenience for me, I enjoy trying the new code! Hope I didn't
  sound like I was complaining, I'm really grateful for all the work you
  put into this. :)

  	Take care,

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