[elinks-users] Elinks working very nicely!

Stephen Stocker lpar at par1.net
Sat Mar 27 19:00:07 PST 2004


  No problem to report, just a "status report" from one who can usually
  manage to find even well-hidden bugs and crash the un-crashable. <g>

  I've really put the latest (March 27 0201 UTC) CVS release through a
  workout, as well as the release right before it. For me, at least,
  it's just purring along perfectly. I had troubles with Sourceforge
  downloads with the earliest version I had, where the downloads would
  be corrupted and show a much larger file size than what it should have
  been. I'm not sure when this was fixed, but it's fine now.

  Keep up the great work, this is a winner!

  	Take care,

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