[elinks-users] Configuration system changed (again) and a small status report

Jonas Fonseca fonseca at diku.dk
Tue May 4 17:35:52 PDT 2004


  Just thought it would be appropriate to write a few lines about the
current state of CVS. While there has not been any new releases the CVS
guerillas has been busy and quite a few nice things have entered.
Highlights include fixes for drawing on Cygwin, experimental Perl
scripting support and Mozilla compliant -remote support. More stuff is
listed in the NEWS file.

  What I really want to announce is that the configuration system has
been changed again. Remember that compile time settings was moved from
the configure script to a feature.h file? The main goal was to describe
the various configuration features and hopefully do something about the
number of people that asked on #elinks what this LEDs thing was all
about. ;-)

  The ``new'' configuration system still has a feature file but it has
been renamed to features.conf and is now a simple shell script file that
is read by the configure script at configuration time. This has made it
possible to reintroduce all the --enable-<feature> command switches to
the configure script. Any command switch will overrule the setting in
the features.conf file. I hope apart from the inconvenience that it will
make everybody happy in the the longer run.

  The build system changes also involve conditional building of files
and directories so that building should be a little faster now. Anyway
although it should hopefully work now it would be great if a few people
would test it and report if there are any issues. Also it would be good
to get some feedback about what features to make configurable, how fine
grained should it be? Do you ever use finger protocol support or what
about such a thing like -anonymous or -remote?

  So please grab a snapshot of current CVS and see if it works ...

Jonas Fonseca - on behalf of ELinks CVS guerillas

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