[elinks-users] Configuration system changed (again)

Stephen Stocker lpar at par1.net
Wed May 5 22:49:13 PDT 2004


>  The build system changes also involve conditional building of files
>and directories so that building should be a little faster now. Anyway
>although it should hopefully work now it would be great if a few people
>would test it and report if there are any issues. Also it would be good
>to get some feedback about what features to make configurable, how fine
>grained should it be? Do you ever use finger protocol support or what
>about such a thing like -anonymous or -remote?
>  So please grab a snapshot of current CVS and see if it works ...

  Just thought I'd tell you that I like the new arrangement better. And
  so far I'm not having any problems with it. Great job!

  	Take care,

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