[elinks-users] Crash in latest CVS snapshot

Jonas Fonseca fonseca at diku.dk
Thu May 6 16:22:05 PDT 2004

Jean-Yves Levesque <jyves at nortelnetworks.com> wrote Thu, May 06, 2004:
> Using the latest cvs snapshot:
> elinks-0.5-20040506/
> If I try to change the language to French, elinks crashes.

I can't seem to trigger that with the 20040507 snapshot (and nothing
should have changed in the meantime). Could you give some info about the
system and configuration.

I tried to fix some int <-> void * issues in the character set handling.

> Also, if I try ti change the character set to ISO-8859-1, I see an error
> printed on screen.

Thanks, I've fixed that.

Jonas Fonseca

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