[elinks-users] Elinks crash (latest CVS)

Stephen Stocker lpar at par1.net
Sun May 30 06:43:57 PDT 2004

>Stephen Stocker <lpar at par1.net> wrote Sun, May 30, 2004:
>>   Hi,
>>   I've been using today's CVS release for several hours with no
>>   problems, then tried a particular link which is causing a repeatable
>>   crash.
>>   The URL is
>>   http://www.jfklancerforum.com/dc/dcboard.php
>>   I'm almost positive this is something in today's snapshot, as I've
>>   been reading through the forums at the above URL with yesterday's
>>   snapshot with no problems.
>Yes you are right it is recent bug. I apparently didn't review the
>patch too carefully. It's fixed now. Thanks for the report.
>Jonas Fonseca

  OK, thanks. :) BTW, it seems like Elinks has been faster and generally
  "smoother" the past week or two. It could just be my imagination, but
  it's been working great, anyway.

  Take care,

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