[elinks-users] I found elinks yesterday - is great! Some ideas

Robert Michel news at robertmichel.de
Thu Nov 25 07:12:24 PST 2004


I apt-got elinks yesterday and i like it - to open textformulars with vi
is great - I missed this feature for a long time!
Thanks to everybody who worked on this great browser.

Some ideas which IMHO would be nice:

- to mark text with the mouse (or keys), click right for a pop-up menue
  (or Hotkeys) and then do something with this marked text
  -run with bash
  -open into vi

- customation of the configuration (images URL-Names ...) for special
  domains e.g. *.sf.net
- indvidualy for domains surpression (egrep) of Lines with special
  keywords, or just the 10 first one/automaticaly scroll 10 lines down

- bookmarks inside of one page

I will stop here because I know there is nothing good when nobody will
do it and there are (to) many ideas what would be nice to do/have....

I have problems with page of the bibliothek of my university, I can't
use it with the Konqueror, links2 nor elinks - this must be realy ugly


click on [start webOPAC]
and then try to seach something

Do you have hints for my what I can do to make it run?
Build my own page to acces this DB? Run a script/proxy on my pc to
translate this ugly code?
I think there are more ugly pages on the net than this one, is there
good tool/tutorial how to cope with such problems?


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