[elinks-users] 16 color term for PuTTY

Jonas Fonseca fonseca at diku.dk
Thu Oct 28 02:50:24 PDT 2004

Sumner Hancock <sumner.hancock at gmail.com> wrote Thu, Oct 28, 2004:
> I have just started using elinks 0.9.1 packaged for Fedora 2.  
> My PuTTY session seems to have 16 color supported as commands like ls
> and less show in color.
> When I navigate elinks to a site like news.google.com, I get no color.
>  The elinks.conf(5) doc seems to indicate that there are default color
> settings.
> Any ideas on what I need to set in elinks or change in my linux
> conbfig to get at least 16 color support?

The default colors I think you are talking about is those for documents that
let you set link colors etc. The overall color support needs to be enabled for
a specific terminal.

       terminal._template_.colors <num> (default: 0)
              The color mode controls what colors  are  used  and  how
              they are output to the terminal. The color modes are:
              0      is mono mode, only 2 colors are used
              1      is 16 color mode, uses the common ANSI colors
              2      is  256  color mode, requires that xterm-256color
                     TERM is used

Where _template_ for most configurations simply are set to the value of the
TERM env variable (`env | grep TERM | sed 's/TERM=//'). Only a handful of
terminals are pre-configurated in elinks (linux, vt100, vt110, xterm,
xterm-color) so you probably need to enable colors for PuTTY terminals

The color option for the current terminal can be changed by opening
'Setup' -> 'Terminal options' and check the box before '16 colors'.

Jonas Fonseca

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