[elinks-users] Media links on mlb.com don't work in ELinks

Jonas Fonseca fonseca at diku.dk
Fri Apr 1 07:48:00 PST 2005

Justin Ekis <jekis at fastmail.us> wrote Sun, Mar 06, 2005:
> Hi,
> I have been very impressed with the JavaScript support in ELinks 
> recently. Being blind, I could not use a Graphical browser in Linux and 
> had to boot Windows to go to some pages using JavaScript. That happens 
> much less often now.
> There's really only one site I badly want to use that doesn't fully 
> work in Elinks. That's www.mlb.com, the site for Major League Baseball. 
> They have some multimedia content such as being able to listen online to 
> the games being played and a few other things. These are javascript links 
> that just show an error when you hit enter. The live games you have to pay 
> fore but there are some links to video reports you can try out.
> The links are similar to this one.
> javascript:void(playMedia2({w:'/2005/open/teams05/det/video/05_st_preview_det_56.wmv',pid:'gen_video',cid:'mlb',v:'2'}));
> Using current elinks cvs with error reporting on, this error 
> message is all that happens.
> ReferenceError: playMedia2 is not defined
> Is there anything I can do here to make this work? Or should I file a 
> bug about it?

Jikes! Almost a month already. Sorry for not responding sooner.

The www.mlb.com site uses a lot of javascript for their media player.
Much of it is not supported by ELinks.

Feel free to file it as an enhancement bug. It would be nice if you
could make the bug report a general bug for posting links to
sites/services that would be nice to have working.

Jonas Fonseca

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