[elinks-users] Media links on mlb.com don't work in ELinks

Justin Ekis jekis at fastmail.us
Sat Apr 2 08:20:04 PST 2005

On Fri, Apr 01, 2005 at 05:48:00PM +0200, Jonas Fonseca wrote:
>The www.mlb.com site uses a lot of javascript for their media player.
>Much of it is not supported by ELinks.
>Feel free to file it as an enhancement bug. It would be nice if you
>could make the bug report a general bug for posting links to
>sites/services that would be nice to have working.

I know many radio stations and other such sites use javascript for the 
players and they don't work in elinks. At least on most of those sites 
the first link which opens a popup window does work. Then you could view 
the sorce and look for a reference to the URI of the media and put that 
in MPlayer or something. You don't even get that far with mlb.com. I'm 
not looking for complete support, if you could just get that playmedia2 
function to work it might be good enough.

As for that General bug, I'll try to get around to filing that soon.

Justin Ekis

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