[elinks-users] [ANNOUNCE] ELinks-0.10.4

Jonas Fonseca fonseca at diku.dk
Wed Apr 6 08:51:21 PDT 2005


Trying to keep up with the months going by, here is the fourth update to
the stable 0.10. There are still a lot of stuff going on. Besides the
usual fixes we had to change the FTP parser due to licensing issues so
be sure to report any problems. Also usability of the managers has been
much improved from the improved keyboard accelerators for buttons.

Following is a summary of the changes in ELinks 0.10.4.

New features:

  - Explicit keyboard accelerators were defined for buttons in
    dialogue boxes and are now highlighted.

  - Add support for bookmarks separators.

Feature updates and improvements:

  - Switch to use a ``new'' FTP directory listing parser based on code
    from GNU Wget. The switch is motivated by licensing issues with
    ftpparse.[ch] files. (debian bug 300889)

  - More hooks.pl updating by the new cvs commiter Russ Rowan.

  - Change the verbose level to show warnings (debian bug 303083)

  - Add FAQ from homepage in doc/ directory. (debian bug 301861) 

  - When block cursor terminal option is set, keep cursor at lower
    right of screen in dialogs too. (bug 583)

  - Use plural gettext message IDs, which make the resource info
    dialog more readable.

  - 'I' in the LEDs now mean "insert mode" and 'i' now mean modeless.
    The change is due to document.browse.forms.insert_mode defaulting
    to 1.

  - Strip protocol part (ftp://, etc) also from proxy strings returned
    from scripting hooks.

  - Add option to control whether (expanded) folder states should be
    stored when saving bookmarks (bookmarks.folder_state). Defaults to
    on; the current behavior. (bug 642) 

  - Do not display terminal options help text when terminal height is
    too low. 

  - Introduce the option infofiles.secure_save_fsync, which allows one
    to configure whether secure file saving calls fsync(3).  

  - Move focus to the first widget when clearing a dialog.

  - Add two new functions available from Lua scripts:
            set_option(name, value) and and get_option(name).

Bugs fixed:

  - Only add /dev/stdin to the URL list when no URLs was given on the
    command line. Allow special files when /dev/stdin is added.
    (debian bug 296976) 

  - Fix reading from /dev/stdin on Mac OS X. (bug 616)

  - Fix Guile and Ruby detection, it was a quoting issue.

  - Fix handling of empty cache entries in the HTML highlighting

  - Fix redirection issues on newsnow.co.uk due to single quotes
    enclosing of URL.

  - Add dialog.checkbox-selected color to options. (bug 644)

  - Decode the subject when handling mailto: links. There is still an
    encoding problem when adding the subject to the command string.  

  - Fix displaying of accesskeys.

  - Encode the base href URI when generating file listings. (bug 358)

Add to this various smaller fixes, cleanups and translation updates.
The complete changelog is available in the package.

Please, if a bug you reported in bugzilla (http://bugzilla.elinks.or.cz)
has been fixed help to close it or verify whether the bug is infact

As always you are more than welcome to join the insomniacs hanging out
at the #elinks IRC channel on irc.freenode.net if you want to report
issues or meet developers.

Jonas Fonseca

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