[elinks-users] Yahoo mail with elinks and spidermonkey (JavaScript)

erodrig_97 at yahoo.com erodrig_97 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 10 07:45:05 PDT 2005

I noticed when I run yahoo mail with elinks (Version 0.10.5) which was
compiled with spidermonkey (JavaScript-C 1.5 pre-release 6a 2004-06-09) I
get almost a complete good looking screen, then I get an error message
that I don't have javascript and I lose the screen with all the mail
functions, and am forced to start over again (even though almost all the
mail functions showed up before the error).  Starting over, of course
reproduces the same error.

Any comments about this?  Here is the only javascript errors that show
up along the way before the mail screen is rendered:

TypeError: window.location.replace is not a function

After this error the mail screen is rendered and looks nice, but the page
diverts back to an error page telling me I don't have JavaScript enabled!

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