[elinks-users] How to get color display?

Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters miciah at myrealbox.com
Thu Aug 18 20:01:33 PDT 2005

On Thu, Aug 18, 2005 at 06:54:51PM -0400, Seth Williamson wrote:
> I moved to the country where I am lucky to have electricity, much less
> Internet.  I went from broadband to dial-up hell.
> Consequently, finding elinks has been a godsend.  I am ability to use
> the web at a decent speed at home.  It is a magnificent product.

Thanks. I agree with you there.

> I am baffled, however, by how to get a color display on a terminal.  The
> docs seem to be out of date.

The Web site can point you towards The ELinks Manual in your favourite
format (as long as it is HTML or PDF):

> I am close to a total noob.  I am using the newest version of Libranet,
> a Debian distro, and did an apt-get install to get elinks.  Or maybe it
> was already here, I can't remember.

What version of ELinks do you have? elinks --version or Help -> About
within ELinks should tell you if the package manager doesn't. That might
be helpful to know should you have questions or problems that aren't
resolved below.

> At any rate, if somebody could tell me, step by step, exactly what
> settings I'm supposed to change in the elinks.conf file I would be
> grateful.  I found that in the /etc directory.  I can't find a file
> named features.conf anywhere.

features.conf is a build-time configuration package. If you are using
apt-get install, you are using a prebuilt binary package, in which case
features.conf is irrelevant.

The only reason you would need to modify features.conf is to enable
88- or 256-colour support; 16-colour support should always work with
any ELinks package.

To enable colours, go to Setup -> Terminal options (alt-s to open
the Setup menu, arrow keys and enter or just the t key to select
Terminal Options); in the resulting dialogue box,  use the arrow keys
to select 16 colors; press space to select that option; and finally,
press the Enter key. The settings are not automatically saved:
Use Setup -> Save options to save them for next time.

If you want to do it the manual way, first you need to know what
terminal you are using: enter 'echo $TERM' at the command prompt.
Then add this line to elinks.conf while ELinks is not running, replacing
<term> with the output of the 'echo $TERM' command:

   set terminal.<term>.colors = 1

If you want to waste some time, the Options Manager under the Setup menu
gives you a basic interface to every option in ELinks; see
for instructions on using the hierarchical listbox it provides.

> Also, is it still necessary to use xterm to get color?

XTerm is not necessary. Colour should work on any VT100-compatible
terminal, including the Linux or BSD consoles.

Good luck,

Miciah Masters <miciah at myrealbox.com> / <mdm0304 at mail.ecu.edu>

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