[elinks-users] How do I enable the pretty line graphics and colors under gnu/screen [SOLVED]

Petr Baudis pasky at ucw.cz
Wed Jan 5 16:44:51 PST 2005

Could you please take more care when wrapping your paragraphs? It's
quite difficult to read this way. Thanks.

Dear diary, on Sun, Jan 02, 2005 at 04:44:05AM CET, I got a letter,
where cga <cga2001 at softhome.net> told me, that...
> >This is entirely wrong. As the document says, you need only configure
> >your terminal within ELinks: Go to the Setup menu and select Terminal
> >Options. GNU Screen is VT100-compatible, so select 'VT 100 frames'.
> >GNU Screen also supports colours just fine, so select '16 colors';
> >or if you are running Screen within a terminal emulator that supports
> >256 colours and you have compiled both Screen and ELinks to support it,
> >choose '256 colors'.
> >
> Made my day.. night rather.. I first tried it on an older RedHat 7.2 
> system where
> I happen to run elinks version 0.9.2 and that took care of most of the 
> problem.
> There were still a few ugly rectangles and the odd line of Ä's but 
> framed tables
> were quite readable.
> I rebooted into Debian sarge and found that with the new 4.x version of 
> einks
> - or is it some subtle difference in console setups between RH and 
> Debian - the
> problem is entirely fixed. All documents I have checked display line 
> drawings
> perfecty. Not to mention that (OT) the various romance languages that I use
> and german all displayed faultlessly.  After that (more OT) seeing that 
> elinks
> does everything I needed I spent the entire night reviewing its incredibly
> rich set of customizable options - have you ever tried changing keyboard
> shortcuts in mozilla/netscape? :-) .. By seven in the morning I was thinking
> of sending a personal thank-you email to the developers..! 

That Debian difference means only that the Debian ELinks packagers took
more care to preconfigure ELinks to work nice on the Debian system. (But
I assume you compiled own ELinks on that RH7.2 anyway.) I have this
strange feeling that you are still actually missing the point ;-) - you
can change how ELinks behaves in any terminal in the Terminal options.
It is then associated with your current $TERM and if you save the
options and then start ELinks later from that terminal, it will use
those terminal options.

> >ELinks does not use termcap or terminfo. ELinks uses $TERM, but only to
> >distinguish between terminals in its own configuration. If $TERM is set
> >to 'screen' when you configure ELinks' terminal settings, ELinks will
> >remember to use those settings when $TERM is 'screen'.
> > 
> >
> Therefore elinks only ambitions to support i386 console linux and 'X', 
> right  (?)
> Can't see how you can port it to the whole wagonload of legacy terminals
> otherwise...  

ELinks works fine on a wide range of systems, actually. It supports
VT100 fine and the usual ANSI escape sequences are so widely used that
it is damn difficult to meet a real terminal not supporting them.

> >>I don't really know how screen works but since screen can be run from
> >>various terminal emulators with different capabilities I don't know if
> >>it makes much sense to have a predefined configuration for the
> >>``screen'' terminal. Try to run:
> >>
> >>	TERM=xterm elinks
> >>
> >>It should work for you.
> >>
> >This is a hack and should not be done.
> > 
> >
> Agreed.. I hadn't seen the Terminal Options in the Setup menu, only the 
> "Terminals"
> setcion in the options manager.

It's the third item from the top.

Kind regards,

				Petr "Pasky" Baudis
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